We are a group, raising money to fund our mission to bring cable median barriers, along with other safety features, to Louisiana State Highway 3132 and all other Louisiana State Highways, to prevent the loss of innocent lives. On December 4, 2013 we tragically lost, the closet thing to an actual angel we will ever get, Casey “Sue” Nicole Colley. She was on her way home when another vehicle on the opposite side of LA Highway 3132 crossed the median and struck her vehicle head-on. Our friend did not suffer, but the utter hole in the hearts of those left behind is indescribable. Therefore; as a collective we have a new found mission, to prevent this from happening again! Please, help us make this a reality. Do not wait until it hits to close to home for you! Make a difference NOW! Save A LIFE!

“Casey Colley's Cause is dedicated to increasing awareness of Road Barrier necessity along LA State Highway 3132 & other state divided  highways to prevent further loss of life.”